We are a Machine Tool Wholesale and Retail Company.

To contribute to the development of our cutomers’ business flexibly, we continue to make steady efforts every day.

Advice for Technology and Quality

Among all products we deal with, cutting tools, measuring instruments, hydraulic machinery and all kinds of machine tools are our ereas of expertise. We offer high quality and state of the art technology and knowledge to our customers supported by worldwide top manufacturers.

A member of Coromant Tooling Partner and have a Tool Specialist Certification.

Sandvik Coromant Tooling Partner Membership
Tool Specialist Certification
Mitutoyo Business School Specialist
Hydraulic Equipment Control/Adjustment technician (Level 1 & 2)
Employee Empowerment

TOSAMACHINE encourages our staff to get qualifications and supports them to become specialists of sales engineering in manufacturing fields.
To make the most of the individuality of each other, all the staff continue learning skills required.