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We are a Machine Tool Wholesale and Retail Company.

We would like to help the customer's business flexibly.

For actualising that, we continue to make steady efforts every day as follows.

Advice for Technology and Quality

Among all products we are dealing with, are such as cutting tools, measuring instruments, hydraulic machinery and all kinds of machine tools from our worldwide top maker partners, who provide the latest technology and knowledge.

Sandvik|member ship

A member of Coromant Tooling Partner and have a Tool Specialist Certification.

At TOSAMACHINE CO.,LTD. are 2 qualified and authorized tool specialist and 2 accredited MBS Mitsutoyo Business School Specialists available.

Our Specialist Team

In terms of hydraulic equipment we employ one level 1 hydraulic equipment control/adjustment technician and two level 2 hydraulic equipment control/adjustment technicians.

Employee Empowerment

Our company advocates an acquisition of a qualification.
We train engineers who are highly specialized as well in producing things and as well in sales.

Our trainees acquire their knowledge from our employees by daily individual training.

daily individual training