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RYOKO :The manufacturer with a proven track record in special order products.

Today, we visited to RYOKO's factory.
RYOKO has kept challenging to create the products which meets customer's demands by the method which grown up for a long history.
Also we saw the demonstrations in 3 processes.

First: Reaming by using "RYOMAX CORE REAMER" with favorable chip discharge performance and chatter vibration suppression.
These ability make it possible to process with high speed, high accuracy.

Second: Back counterboring by cutter "BACK FIRE"
This item was made based on the database of failure example and succcess example which accumlated by customer's needs.
Other companies also have back counterboring cutters, but RYOKO has strength in manufactruring special production which require difficult processes.

Third: Chamfering by "MINI-JUMBO Spherical End Mill"
Original technology suppresses chatter and achieves good sharpness.
Special products are also available.

And here is the processed product.

We learned about how this company came to be and detailed process for meeting customer's satisfaction.

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