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YOSAKOI Festival 2019 : The 66th Japanese Dance Festival in Kochi from 1950 to 2019.

YOSAKOI Festival at this year was held from 8/9 to 8/12.

There were a lot of fantastic priceless dramas, impressions and excitements in these 4 days!

What's "YOSAKOI" ?

"YOSAKOI" is the name of dance festival which was born in Kochi about 70 years ago.
This festival stands the test of time and this festival style spreads over other prefecture and foreign countries now.

The dancers are not professional but they like dancing very much.
And the audiences enjoy to watch their dance and cheer up dancers who dance under the midsummer sun.

The rules for dancers are mainly following 5 points.

1. They must have naruko.
2. The team members up to 150 people.
3. The team have to put the leading car.
4. The dancer moves forward while dancing.
5. Some Yosakoi phrases have to be contained in their music.

Except of these points, they can performance as they image!

They are involved in the full of energy and excitement.
So this festival keep to charm dancers and audiences.

Please come to see this festival next time!
I trust you can enjoy it!

The comittee of Yosakoi is challenging to plan to entertain to the guests from abroad in Tokyo Olimpics and Paralimpics 2020.

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